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Muscular and Sport Injuries 

We hear it all too often, lower back pain from lifting something too heavy. Wrist's feeling achy from typing all day long. This may now be stopping you from going to work or taking part in your sport/hobby.


But do we know the reason why the body is in pain? Most of us will leave the problem for a while, hoping it will sort it self out. Which in some cases having a rest can help. However, if the problem is getting worst or still niggles, having it assessed as soon as possible, can reduce recovery time.

Sport injury Assessment 

The assessment can take up to one hour, where the therapist will ask questions on where, how and when the injury occurred. Then check posture, range of movement and test the problem area.

Once we have an idea of what the problem may be, we will then design a specific rehab programme for you. May include soft tissue within the first session, manual therapy, taping, gait analysis and exercises using resistance bands, free weights etc.

Follow up sessions may consist of more manual therapy, taping, soft tissue massage and progression of exercises.


Initial Consultation 1hour - £45

Follow up session 30/45mins - £40

Child Physiotherapy
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