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During these early weeks of being a mum, it can be a complete change to how you feel with your new body. Your body will be trying to recover from potential birth trauma (episiotomy, tears and un-planned surgery) while trying feed and change the baby. It's common for mums to have to deal with pain in areas of the hips, pelvic region, lower back pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction and sometimes even prolapses. Now thats a lot to deal with!!

Edena therapy can help with all this. Giving you the confidence, you will be able to move pain free, space to talk openly, advise to fuel the body correctly to aid recovery. That these issues can be fixed with a bit of re-education and training the muscles supporting the areas. For C-section Mamma's theres Scar massage to help release the tissues.


Booking in for an appointment is the first step to your recovery and following a steady exercise programme there is no reason you can't go back to sport and the gym doing weights....just not straight away! You have a few options to choose from, if in any doubt which is the best starting point for you. Email Charlotte 


C-section and abdominal scar massage

This type of massage is dedicated to helping to relieve any discomfort, tightness to the area where you have your scar. When scar tissue binds to the other tissues/muscles around the area, it can become very taught. Causing some women to feel a pulling, tugging over the scar when exercising. Also these scars can have an effect on urinary and bowel incontinence. 


This 90 minute session, will work into the layers of the scar and the muscles around the area. Helping to release the tugging, the feeling within the area, and in some cases can help with the appearance of your tummy. You will be taught mobility stretches and massage techniques so you can continue some self treatment at home. All women will be sent a postnatal questionnaire to complete prior to attending your appointment. 

All women will have their Diastasis Recti "tummy gap" assessed, and Breathing technique as part of their appointment. You will be asked to complete a postnatal questionnaire so that the therapist can understand your needs and any pregnancy injuries prior to your first treatment

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90 minute - £55

Postnatal Consultation 


During your first face to face assessment you will be asked further details of painful / problem areas. Discussing all things post natal, from Diastasis recti"mummy tummy gap" pelvic floor, sleep, diet, breathe and your support network and importantly what are your goals!

Edena therapy provides a hands on approach to help deal with the post natal recovery, giving you confidence and creating a strong and fit mum. The rehabilitation process will deal with shortening the gap with the "mummy tummy gap" but first and foremost give the muscles and the mid line (linea alba) supporting the area the integrity and strength to control inter-abdominal pressure. Improve posture and breathing. Reconnect with your pelvic floor and core. Reenergise your thoughts of post natal diet and aid recovery. Exercises to empower women to move pain free using Motherhood movement patterns® getting you back to your sport/hobby.

Treatment will consist of soft tissue and manual treatments to alleviate pain and discomfit. Safe mobility and movement exercises to practice 1:1 in the clinic and at home. Continuing with your sessions are important to keep you on your journey to recovery, as Rome isn't built in a day. Being kind to your body and know your body can handle anything that life throws at it. 

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Any further questions about this service email info@edenatherapy.


Consultation - £45 

Follow up session - £40 

Healthy Eating
Sports Equipment

Post Natal Massage

Being a mum can be a lot to deal with physical, but emotionally too. It's important to remember to have time to look after yourself. Whether that be an uninterrupted bath, getting your nails done and booking in for a massage. Massage is proven to help reduce stress levels, improve sleep, concentration and nourishment to muscles.


Whether you like a firmer massage to help relive pain discomfort from feeding or a relaxation session Edena therapy has got your back


Prices Massage

60minute - £45

30minute - £40

Mother and Baby Exercising
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