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Holding Tummy

Pregnancy is a fantastic gift that our body can go through. But this for some women, can be a less than fantastic time. The body has to go through many changes while the baby is grow and forming. This can often lead to Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, to name a few.

Many women may feel that because they are pregnant, there isn't much help they can get. But there are plenty of techniques to help relieve pain and discomfort which are safe and very effective. Exercising while pregnant is proven to boost well-being, and it doesn't always have to be restorative exercise. Weights can still be used in pregnancy but in a correct and safe way according to your trimester. 

Pregnancy Consultation

Your first session will be an hour, going into further detail of your problem areas, history of previous pregnancy or injuries etc. At Edena Therapy we have a hands on approach, we will assess your posture, check and teach proper pelvic floor activation. As its more than just stopping the flow of wee! Assess breathing and give strategies to improve this. Resolve any problem and painful areas with soft tissue and manual therapy. Treatment will consist of safe mobility and movement exercises to keep you fit and strong. Taping and soft tissue to alleviate pain and discomfit. Talking about your preparation for the 4th Trimester figuring out your support network. Continuing with your sessions are important to keep you pain free, strong and confident knowing you can handle anything that labour and the postnatal period throws at you. 

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Pregnancy consultation -£45

Follow up session - £40 


Massage can be a great tool during your pregnancy to help easy discomfort felt in the back, shoulders, calfs and glutes (bum muscles). It can help to reduce anxiety and improve well being and promote sleep. 

Pregnancy massage is advised to be done after your first 12 weeks. It can be carry on up to your due date and pregnancy reflexology can help with inducement if we work on specific points on the body and feet. Making sure that you and your baby are safe and comfortable during the session is our biggest emphasis. Lying on your side with pillows and towels in between your knees and just under the bump is often the most comfortable position for treatments.


60 Minutes  - £45

30 Minutes - £40

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy Massage 

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