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Helping and treating women with pregnancy related injuries such as pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel, Symphysis pubis dysfunction

Pregnancy 60 min Consultation - £45

Continued 60 min session - £40


Helping the postnatal body to recover from birth trauma, C-section scars and pelvic floor dysfunction


Postnatal 60min Consultation - £45

Continued 60min session - £40

C-section Scar Massage

Working into the abdominals above and below the Scar it's self. Helping to break down adhesions, improve the feeling within the area. At the end of the session you are given c-section scar mobility stretches and taught self massage techniques for you to carry on your treatment at home. 

Scar Massage


90 minutes - £55



Muscular / Sport Injury

Assessment of muscular injuries, checking posture, range of movement etc. Designing a specific rehab programme for you. May include soft tissue, manual therapy, taping and exercises.


Initial Consultation 60 minutes - £45

Follow up session 30 - 45mins - £40

Back Pain

Massage (inc Pregnancy/Post-natal)

Sports / deep tissue massage to any area of the body holding tension or stubborn knots. Holistic massage for relaxation, and pregnancy. Or improve your posture from breast and bottle feeding

90 minutes - £55

60 minutes - £45

30 minutes - £40

Scar Massage 

Can also be beneficial any women that has had an hysterectomy and appendix surgery. 

90 minute - £55 


Relaxing Massage

Reflexology -Working on the feet to help promote relaxation and release tension and toxins held within the feet. Can be used to help with pregnancy inducement, and fertility. 


60 minutes - £45


Indian Head Massage -Includes shoulders, neck scalp and face. Traditional oil used on the scalp to help to nourish the hair. Helps to promote sleep, hair growth and prevents migraines, headaches and back pain. 


60 minutes - £45


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)  -Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specialised, gentle type of skin massage. The aim is to encourage the fluid to move away from the congested area so it can drain efficiently. 


60 minutes - £45


Aromatherapy Massage - Mixing of essential oils to create a Blend. Example blends  Anxiety, Digestion problems, Depression, Insomnia and Menstrual pain


60 minutes - £47 


Edena therapy can offer 1:1 and private classes available in the comfort of your own home or in the work place. All sessions tailored to individuals' abilities and requirements.


1:1 60 minute session - £40

Smaller groups please call or email 

Example for staff Yoga session - Group one hour session (12 max) - Email for your quote  

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